Don’t make your wife need anyone else

 Make sure your wife’s personal expenses are paid every month.

In most of the houses in our society, if a wife asks her husband for some money for out-of-pocket expenses, the answer is, “What will you do with the money? If you get everything, you will get everything.” I will do it, tell me what I want to ask for, I will load it, I don’t have wasted money “means he will start speeches all over the world but there is a chance that I will take out some money and put it in his wife’s hand.

Then the poor girl is forced to sometimes reach out to her parents, sometimes she asks her sisters and sometimes she asks her friends for loans.

By Allah, it is beyond my comprehension how husbands can see my wife begging for money from others while I am there.

Obviously, he is also a human being, he also has needs, as a human being he also has the heart to spend something, he must have the heart to buy something of his choice, to give something to his parents, siblings or friends etc. It would be heartbreaking, it would be heartbreaking to do charity, it would be heartbreaking to help a poor person, it would also be heartbreaking to have some money with me at all times to come to work in any compulsion.

She left her home for you, her parents, her sister, her brother, she gave herself and her life to you, she gave herself to you, she went to live under you, now she would go somewhere to earn her own living. No, that’s why you are responsible for all its needs.

 We spend thousands of rupees with friends outside on hotels, on tours, on outings and on other junk and when our wife asks for some money we start saying all sorts of things.

Set your wife’s out-of-pocket expenses from your salary every month according to your ability. Whenever you get paid, come home and pay your wife two thousand, five thousand, or ten thousand as much as you can. Give and after paying out-of-pocket expenses, do not ask the wife to calculate where she spent it, how much she spent, why she spent it. No … not at all. Allow them to spend wherever they want.

 The purpose of out-of-pocket expenditure is to enable the servant to spend as much as he wishes.

Asking the wife to account for out-of-pocket expenses creates mistrust. Be generous with your wife. Don’t be stingy. In one place, the government of two scholars, Hazrat Muhammad, said, “If you spend one dinar in the way of Allah, spend one dinar to free a slave, give one dinar to the poor and one dinar to your family.” If you spend, then the best dinar has been spent on your family. “

May the Almighty grant success to the deed.


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