Mai Jhandi

In such a crowded world, there is no one but Jhang Bazaar’s Mai Jhandi who knocks and says that he has seen Allah. I don’t know who my flag was. Crazy . Ignorant or obsessed. But I heard her say over and over again with great certainty that she has seen Allah. She says I have seen Allah. Allah has seen me and she laughed. It was an old time. So big that the news that God is really in it. His caddy was so big that despite the murmurs of Maulvi Sahib, the people of the neighborhood had accepted Mai Jhandi. Even though everyone thinks that Mai has become stubborn and some people doubt that these words of Mai are not subject to disbelief, but still their hearts did not believe that even those who take the name of Allah with such love in their hearts Know bad

There was a banyan tree in the middle of an old compound in Jhang Bazaar where there were many bushes. Perhaps sitting near the bushes, it is called Mai Jhandi. Mai used to sit under the banyan tree in the morning where her son had a crusher. She talked to Bell in whispers all day. We tried many times to hear what she was saying but never understood. When I asked her, she said, “I will explain to her. I will encourage her. The poor man is very lonely.” When I talk, the bull walks fast and doesn’t panic. She used to do this work with great dedication and responsibility. Many times she would shiver with fever and cold, but she would not get up from her turn. She would rest at home but she would not listen to anyone and would reach there every morning. She would not forget to talk to the customer who came with the oxen. The prayer question must say something. Biting sentence Just as it is necessary to talk to the customer like oxen, if you keep talking to the customer, then the business of the son will increase.

Now that his son and daughter-in-law had stopped beheading him, they were both hardworking, clinging to crushers and sacks under the banyan tree. He was worried about the customers, he was worried about the coming seasons, he was worried about the marriage of the children, but he was not worried about the bull. But I had never seen them kill or run a bull. He was walking fast on the whispers of my flag

Nani used to say that she has arrived a lot and when something special was made in the house, she would put it in a plate and put it in a clean cloth and give it to me so that I could give it to her. Shouting from afar that

See what my God has sent me today

At first she would get upset and say that this was sent by her grandmother. Safia Khatun who lives in a quadrangle

My flag smiles and says

 Yes, yes, why not, but who sent Safia Khatun?

Then I felt like my flag was trying to make fun of me

But then I saw that his herbs started with Allah. When the wind blew, she would be thankful

What a cool breeze my God has blown

His daughter-in-law would get angry and curse him

God is angry with me today

If she fell ill, she would say that a letter from God had come that she had not forgotten our flag

When the bird sang, it would say Subhan Allah

The donkey speaks, smiles at him, and says, “Who is more fortunate than you, as Allah has mentioned in His Book?”

My flag was so much Allah Allah that I started to get confused. I was from that house where the Qur’an was also wrapped in a golden cover and kept in the highest compartment of the closet. Our Allah was very big, very strong … … Like an emperor, he would come close to my flag and turn into a playful friend like Allah. He who smiles when he sees it, is reluctant to play with it. He is not afraid to break the raw mangoes on the high tree. Our God is the owner of the whole universe, who has to rule the whole universe. He was just spinning the keys of the world just to put a smile on my face. Our God was very different from the God of Mai Jhandi, so I would be confused to go near Mai Jhandi, but whenever Nani would give me something to eat, I would have to go and listen to her prayers. I have to put her wrinkled hand on her head, but the funny thing is that she always included me in her meal. And so I ate my share of the house, but also had fun with my flag

Mai would have had the answer to every question, but sometimes she would have been so silent

Whether I know it or my God knows

And she would say in a very strange way, when she said I would know, she would raise her finger towards the sky and when she said Allah knows, she would put her finger on her heart and while doing so, her eyes would be fixed on something invisible. In the beginning, people thought it was a coincidence, but she always did it, but now when I think about it, I wonder why she did it knowingly.

I always climbed Mai and tried not to pay attention to her nonsense. But one day my ears pricked up while she was talking to my aunt. My aunt had just gone to university and was studying philosophy. Therefore, he was fond of engaging in scholarly discussions all day long. He asked my flag in a contemptuous manner

What is the difference between you and your bull?

The difference is that if there are sons, then there is a difference between the two of God’s creatures. Animals have got a piece of glass to see the world and we have got a lens. You may be wondering what is the difference between a piece of glass and a lens? The difference between us is the same as where Mai has put the piece. Look at the world through a piece of glass, nothing happens, just a little blurry scene. When the glass is colored, it gets strangely colored. And if even the most transparent glass in the world is found, the background looks exactly as it is. But my God has said that the world is a deception, then look at it with open eyes, what will you get? Animals see the world through this piece of glass and merge into dust. Together in deception, they themselves are deceived

 The second thing about human beings is not to look at human beings through different lenses. Every lens is different. Someone makes something smaller. Someone removes something. Someone turns it upside down. Someone makes a fly so big that it looks like an elephant. The lens does not show us the world but the mirror. The mirrors that make us cry make us laugh and make us angry. The world is deceitful but the image is true it forms in our minds. Allah has been very kind to us. He has given us this look and we are the ones who leave the mirror and try to run behind the pieces of glass. We look for the truth which is nowhere to be found and even if it is, it has as many colors as the servants of Allah. There is no tax. Collect them wherever you are. The truth is that two will be yours and two will be mine. Will your two eyes see the bull with the love that my eyes see?

Her baby dies in front of the animals, but she doesn’t cry. Burn her whole forest in front of the animals, but she doesn’t understand what has been taken away. We understand the wisdom of Allah, we talk to Him, when we cry, understand that we are talking to Him, we laugh, then understand that He is with us.

If you look through a piece of glass, you will see through it and if you look through a lens, you will see a mirror. The world is not real, the world is a mirror

I had never seen my aunt so quiet. That day I felt as if I had really seen Allah

One afternoon when Mai Sistane lay down for a while, I asked softly

Mai, have you really seen Allah?

Why do you not believe that Allah is not a great king who lives in the distant heavens? Allah is in everything. Now why do those who see him in everything wonder at him? Yes, if one does not see Allah, then he is sorry for the poor. Everything has two forms, one outward and one inward. Outward appearance of the inner world of Allah When one sees the inner eye, there is no way back.

How is my god

I laughed, just let me know, my God knows, as if Mai laughed and avoided me, but I am not going to leave. Every old woman in the neighborhood would ask me the same question: Where did Mai Jhandi see Allah? No one knew the answer to this question. Then one day an old woman came with her son to meet Mai Jhandi in Tanga. After talking for hours, I brought something to the plate and Mai Jhandi told me that she was his childhood friend when they were both my age. I felt as if the opportunity had come. I told my grandmother to put her son’s bed on our porch.

When she lay down on the bed at night, her son fell asleep immediately. But I sat down next to him and started talking to him. Then he asked me if my flag was like this from the beginning or change it when he saw Allah. He smiled.

I don’t know if he saw Allah or not but he was not like that. In Delhi we were both the wheels of Satan. The whole neighborhood was fed up with our mischief and then it was too late to come to Pakistan. As our world changed, we both went to Pakistan on the same train, but the coaches were different. Somewhere along the way, the train slowed down. Heartbreaking screams came to our box. Mothers used to close the ears of the children with both hands so that the children would not be scared. My ears could hear my friend’s voice in these screams and then I made a noise that the lights of the station were visible. There was an army at the station.

There was a strange scene at the station in Pakistan. There was blood flowing through the doors of the boxes. I ran to the box and the bodies came to the door. I stood there. People around me used to go to the camp for their children and old people. In such a situation I saw that it was carrying the body of a young girl and coming out of the box. His whole body was drenched in blood, yet he was walking calmly. When my friend landed on the land of Pakistan, her only asset was a corpse. Many people told him to leave the body. A nurse tried to apply ointment on her body, but she shook hands with everyone. When she buried the body outside the camp, she sat at the head of the grave for three days and then quietly entered the tent. She did not sit still but started working. My friend would do everything that no one else would do

One day he told me in a lost tone

You know I saw Allah and He saw me and He laughed

I felt like she was tired but she kept talking

Man is a very perfect creature. The sword in his hand tries to stop the spear. When there was a noise in our box and the men approached the door, there was no one there. There were swords floating in the air. There were spears. If there was someone, they would have stopped it. Now how can they stop the sword with empty hands? People cut and fall and fall straight into the corners. There were so many nooks and crannies in the train. I too was hit by a spear and another girl fell on top of me. Her big eyes were looking at me. Swords were being used to find breathing bodies among the corpses, where the slightest hint of life was seen, dragging the whole fruit of the knife. Someone stabbed the body of this girl with a spear. The pains become less, the pain after which there is no claim on your body to survive on your breathing, only on a scream which after so much pain becomes your right, a right that even a tyrant to a tyrant killer. Can’t deny that his eyes widened so much that a line of blood started coming out of his corners but he She didn’t scream. She knew that everyone would be attracted by her scream. She couldn’t save herself, but if she had given up her last right, the killer would have forgotten me.

She was silent then she breathed so hard that I got scared then I saw Allah among her spreading puppets who had come to pick up the girl herself. He took the girl’s hand with great love and in a moment I looked at him, I looked at him, he looked at me, and he laughed, he read my thoughts, since when have I become so important that God Himself came to take the girl who was kind to me, he laughed as you say I’m always with you but you never saw me there were tears in her eyes she kept talking

My friend used to say that there are two forms of every relationship. One is the inner one. The inner world is the inner world of Allah. When one sees the inner workings, there is no way back. Don’t blink

The next day, the old lady passed away. My life went on like this. She kept talking to the oxen. She said, “She has seen Allah. She was not afraid of the outrage of the people. She remained like that. She would fill the plate and bring food for him and sit next to him and listen to the words of Allah

When I left the city to study, as if everything was lost, many years later I returned, everything changed, the banyan tree in Jhang Bazaar was cut down, there was no crusher running under it, but there was a shop with a machine My son was working with a handkerchief on his face. My flag was gone. I came to ask if my flag was gone, did the oxen stop moving fast, so he installed a machine or something else. Then she stopped thinking, “Does this poor man know who my flag was? There is such a big world and I have not seen anyone but my flag who says with a bang that I have seen Allah.”

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