San Francisco: Microsoft has introduced a new operating system called Windows 11. Microsoft announced the introduction of new Windows on June 13. The new operating system will be available to users by the end of this year.

The operating system in Windows 11 has been redesigned, which has improved its performance. The new Windows also has visual changes that make it more eye-catching.

In addition, Windows 11 includes a new Start menu, Windows Store and refreshing design. Windows 11’s taskbar will have a new icon widget that will allow you to pin news, weather and other user’s favorite content on the desktop. It has updated dark and light modes. An Xbox app has been added to Windows 11 for gamers.

Windows 11 has a main snap layout that helps you snap apps instantly. Microsoft Teams has also been integrated directly into Windows 11, which will be in the taskbar, allowing users to call their friends, family or office. The new operating system will have a new App Store that will support a variety of applications.

Remember that on June 13, Microsoft announced the End of Life (EOL) for Windows 10 Home and Pro. This means that support, updates and security for Windows 10 will be phased out from October 14, 2025.

When a company announces an End of Life (EOL) for an operating system, it means that the operating system will be dead after the due date. One of the purposes of this announcement is to move users to the new operating system.

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