LONDON  Critics of artificial intelligence robotic technology have already warned that it could pose a threat to humanity. Now, scientists in the UK and the Netherlands have made such a dramatic addition to this technology that the fears of these experts seem to be coming true. According to the Daily Star, scientists in the UK and the Netherlands have developed a technology that will allow two robots to combine to produce “babies” without the need for human supervision

According to the report, the technology will create farms where robots will create new robots and increase their own numbers. Not only that, but the current robots will continue to improve the technology in future robots. Explaining the technology, computing professor Emma Hart said, “In this technology, two robots (parents) will mix their ‘digital DNA’ to create new robots (children). In this technology, robots can do this automatically. Will It will not require much human surveillance. “Experts opposed to the technology say that” in this way, robots will not only improve themselves, but also gain the ability to increase their numbers. Since then, the technology of artificial intelligence has already given them the ability to make decisions, so it is feared that after this, robots will try to overcome humans. In that case, there will be a war between humans and robots, and the world will be devastated as shown in the famous Hollywood movie ‘Terminator’. If such a war takes place, there is a strong possibility that robots will destroy humans. And destroy.

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