Canberra :  Former Australian League sniper Shane Warren has lashed out at players playing IPL instead of his country in the lure of money. He said that players have the right to earn as much money but only international cricket. From, players especially play Test cricket and test their abilities against the best teams.

Shane Warren's message to cricketers who make money by playing IPL should not be in the national team

He said that if a player wants to play for the national team and still prefers IPL over his country, then there is no point in keeping such players in the team, otherwise it will happen that the player will also rest from the Test match. Shane Warren said such players would continue to play for money. The former fast bowler acknowledged that it would be difficult for players to decide in such a situation. Goes when he is paid more by the franchise in less time while he is paid less in more time to play Tests for his country.

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