Apur : The atrocities of a drunken father and stepmother on a minor girl in the Indian state of Rajasthan shook everyone.

According to India Today, a man in Jodhpur district used to send his minor daughter with a folk singer to dance. In one such gathering, four people picked up the girl and gang-raped her. The girl became pregnant after the incident and told her father about it. The drunken father silenced his daughter by threatening to kill her. When the girl told her stepmother about it, she suggested that if she did not end her life by consuming poison, she would sell it.

Later, the father put his daughter in the business of prostitution. He kept selling his daughter for five to eight thousand rupees. One day the minor girl ran to her real mother and told the whole story to her elder sister. Nanhiali’s relatives then refused to send the girl back and the drunken father started threatening her. When he exceeded the limit, the girl’s mother and sister approached the police. Police have not yet made any arrests, but an investigation has been launched.

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