Karachi (N,N,I. July 10, 2021) Oxfam, an organization working to alleviate poverty, has revealed that 11 people die of hunger every minute around the world. The annual report states that 155 million people worldwide are living at the level of food insecurity crisis, which is 20 million more than last year.

Oxfam, an anti-poverty organization, has revealed in a report that 11 people die of starvation every minute, while the number of people facing global famine-like conditions is six times higher than last year. Abby Max Man, president and chief executive officer of Oxfam USA, said the famine was more deadly than the Corona epidemic.

Every person who dies of malnutrition suffers from indescribable suffering. The report calls on the international community to address the power struggles in Afghanistan, Venezuela and Yemen, especially over the malnutrition of children. Take steps to ensure that all human beings in the world have the right to live happily with basic necessities.

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