We paid a lot, it is our duty to be careful, Shah Mahmood Qureshi

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said in a statement at the SCO Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Tajikistan that he would be present in Tajikistan to attend the SC and Foreign Affairs Council meeting. I want to benefit from the views of important countries. Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that the Tajik Foreign Minister discussed the situation in Afghanistan in detail. He will meet the Foreign Ministers of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan today, while a meeting with the Foreign Ministers of Russia and China is also expected.
The Foreign Minister said that these are important countries of the region and are keeping an eye on the situation in Afghanistan and wanted a consensus strategy to be adopted after consultation with key countries.
He said that Pakistan was fulfilling its responsibilities in an efficient manner, adding that if the situation in Afghanistan improved, everyone would benefit and if the situation in Afghanistan deteriorated, everyone would be affected.
Shah Mehmood Qureshi further said that there is a golden opportunity to move the consultation process forward, if peace deteriorates in Afghanistan, the neighbors will be more affected, Pakistan has been serving 3 million Afghan refugees for decades and despite limited resources to serve Afghan refugees. However, as the situation worsens, more Afghan refugees cannot afford to stay.
The Foreign Minister warned that we have paid an economic price with 70,000 lives against terrorism. Under the guise of Afghan refugees, there may be elements that cause harm. Referring to Afghan refugees, he said that among the Afghan refugees living in Pakistan The majority are innocent people, these innocent Afghan refugees want to return to their country, Pakistan’s enemies can enter under the guise of refugees, we have paid a great price, it is our duty to be careful.
Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that we have the right to save the lives of innocent people, Pakistan wants lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan, how long will the fingers be pointed at us, do not repeat the mistakes of the past, and find a way together For peace in Afghanistan, the Foreign Minister invited the important personalities of Afghanistan for talks and said that Afghan leaders should sit down and tell us how we can help them. Referring to India, he said that India has played the role of spoiler in Afghanistan. Is India disrupting peace in the region? The international community should stop India from behaving negatively.

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