Self-made and misleading images, videos and letters have been released denying the Afghan Taliban has nothing to do with the Taliban.

KABUL: Just days after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan’s northern district, local mosque imams issued a letter ordering women to leave their homes and ban smoking. The Taliban have gained control of key borders and several districts since the withdrawal of foreign troops, according to the International News Agency, but there are also reports that local commanders have imposed strict restrictions on women and civilians in some districts. Are
Women have been banned from going out alone and smoking after taking control of the customs post Sher Khan Bandar in the northern region. The ban was ordered in a letter to the imams of local mosques.
The letter from local Taliban commanders warned that they were violating orders. The imam’s letters did not inform him of the decision, which could not have had any effect on mosques.

The international news agency “AFP” did not reveal the interpretation of a woman but it was reported that many young boys in our village are scared of sewing and shoes. Girls who come to work are scared. Sher Khan After capturing the port, the Taliban have barred them from leaving.
Working day-to-day caregivers suffer from a kind of restriction. In a village like this, people are also banned from shaving their beards and red and bright colors when they go out. It is also important that a compromise has been reached, but it is afraid of the Taliban’s decision, but it is afraid of the Taliban’s success. Zaid Zaheen’s self-made and misleading images, events and letters are not giving away any part of January.
Dr. Naeem addressed the residents in the history of free and said that the majority is not afraid. The Taliban are the only threat and majority of foreign troops. Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid also used misleading material.

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