Both cardamom and fennel are considered as herbs and their use has many benefits on human overall health as well as beauty.

Fennel and cardamom are also used to make tea or coffee, including meals, both of which refresh the breath and improve digestion.

In addition, the combination of fennel and cardamom, which are easily available in the market, not only has a number of positive effects on health, but also enhances beauty.

Nutritionists claim that eating fennel and cardamom together or drinking their coffee has a clear positive effect on beauty.

According to experts, the use of fennel and cardamom reduces the heat and acidity of the stomach and liver and clears the skin of acne, acne, nails and pimples, while the complexion is clearly brighter. The use of has no adverse effects on health.

Fennel is rich in vitamins A and C, which is why its use protects eyesight. According to nutritionists, grinding fennel and making its coffee and drinking it improves back pain.

According to medical experts, fennel and cardamom also have the feature of balanced production of ‘female hormone’ estrogen. The use of fennel and cardamom is considered to be very beneficial for women.

It should be noted that crushing cardamom and fennel powder with cold water helps to prevent fever and nausea during indigestion.

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