Every summer, electricity load shedding and electricity bills are increased, which is not possible for everyone to pay.

To get rid of electricity bills in this age of inflation, it is important that you find an alternative to electricity.

Because technology has advanced a lot and has succeeded in finding an alternative to electricity which can be used to generate electricity from solar energy and use solar energy instead of electricity in homes. Are

Solar power generation and use is very easy and useful as it reduces electricity bills and also avoids load shedding.

It takes an empty roof and some money to install this solar panel in a house.

Any good solar panel system lasts for about 25 years. The cost per kilowatt in this system is Rs 85,000 to Rs 90,000.

If you are thinking of installing a 10 kW system, the cost of on-grid system can be around Rs. 900,000.

If you are interested in installing a hybrid system then adding batteries will add 2 lakh to 3 lakh.

There are two types of solar systems called on-grid and hybrid.

On-grid system:

Stay connected to the electrical system in the on-grid system and can use this electricity in daylight.

The electricity you are generating is more than the electricity you are using, so the extra electricity is sent to the return grid.

A meter is installed to keep track of this electricity.

Hybrid system:

This system requires batteries to provide backup in the event of a power outage.

Keep in mind that it takes 10 days to install a solar panel, which includes a complete wiring and connection system. However, the installation of net metering meter takes 5 months.

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