Vice-captain Shadab Khan said that a complete plan has been made for the T20 matches.

According to details, vice-captain Shadab Khan while giving a press conference said that he had planned against the senior team of England in the ODI series.

He said that Mohammad Hafeez has also joined the T20 team, it will make a big difference, the performance of the national team in T20 matches is good, they will enter the field with confidence, my performance in the last few series has not been good, due to injuries. Made a difference in performance, now I’m in rhythm.

“I evaluate my performance individually, I always try to perform 100 per cent, I learn from my mistakes, I play as needed in the franchise and the national team,” the vice-captain said.

Shadab Khan said that bowling has not been good but I am working hard and I always try to give 100%. Ever since I was injured, there has been a slight difference in performance. It takes time to regain confidence after coming back from injury. Is.

He said that when he represents the country wearing a green shirt, there is pressure to play for the country. It is not that I will continue to play if I am the vice-captain. Decisions are made according to the needs of the team. Usman Qadir There is a future, it will also have a chance.

Vice-captain Shadab Khan said, “I am working hard on bowling. I always focus on bowling. Batting is my plus point. Not having good performance does not mean that no player is good. We are professionals. We are positive to criticize.” Should be taken in style.

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