According to details, the district administration of Lahore is preparing a special plan for garbage collection and sanitation arrangements on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha.

In this regard, DC Lahore Mudassar Riaz said that complete cleaning arrangements will be ensured in the city 2 days before Eid and the process of removing the remains and skins of sacrificial animals will continue immediately during the three days of Eid. Will

DC Lahore Mudassar Riaz said that all the staff of LWMC will be on duty during the days of Eid to provide all possible facilities to the citizens of Lahore. Will set up campuses in a matter of days, 20 campuses will be set up.

He said that 158 ​​campuses would be set up in the first phase while 132 campuses would be set up in the second phase. The campuses would be set up not only for complaints but also to continue sanitation activities with the co-operation of Lahore citizens. Free of cost bags will also be available on campus for skin picking, distribution of 1.5 million bags will be ensured in 09 zones, monitoring of all matters during Eid days at the LWMC office. A control room will also be set up for, and the SR Manager will oversee the control room arrangements.

DC Lahore Mudassar Riaz has said that SR Manager with 1139 team will monitor and control the wall field operations through video, 02 shifts will work in the control room and limited staff will be deployed in the third shift, first shift in the morning. The second shift will be from 06:00 to 02:00 pm, the second shift from 02:00 pm to 10:00 pm and the third shift from 10:00 pm to 06:00 am.

He said that the activities in the control room will be monitored 24 hours a day, pick-ups will also be present at the points during Eid to pick up animal carcasses, 57 two days before Eid and one from Eid. There will be 394 pickups on the first day and 1200 pickups on the first day, 1097 on the second day and 556 pickups on the third day during the days of Eid. Will be done

Mudassir Riaz further said that on the occasion of Eid, the activities going on through about 450 Android mobiles will be reviewed, IMF department will inform all employees about the use of Android mobiles and applications, cleaning in Eid venues and mosques. Cleaning arrangements will also be ensured and the Imam of the mosque will also deliver a sermon in his sermons on ensuring cleanliness arrangements.

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