Hidden mobile phone features that you will be amazed to know about.

Everybody uses mobile phone nowadays but not everyone is familiar with most of its features.

Here are some useful features of a mobile phone:

Taking pictures while making videos from mobile is no longer impossible

At an important event, it becomes difficult to decide whether to take a photo or a video.

The solution to this problem is to do both together.

While recording the video, by clicking on the camera option, the picture can be easily taken and the video is not stopped.

Move the mobile with the mouse

If you want to operate the entire mobile phone with the mouse, the way to do this is to connect the keyboard or mouse wire to the USB cable of the mobile and easily operate the mobile with the keyboard or mouse.

If there is a scratch on the screen of the mobile, the touch system of the phone does not work properly but in this way the phone can be used without touching.

Easy battery saving tip

Keeping a mobile phone battery charged can be a big problem for most people because too much work can cause the charge to run out quickly and repeatedly putting the phone on charge stops work.

A simple tip to solve this problem is to install plain and black background of the phone.

Keeping the background simple will turn off the Pixel Highlighting feature and keep the mobile battery charged for a long time.

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