Can a variety of beverages be used to test for COD-19? Researchers from the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom have presented a research report on this important question.

The researchers did so after reports surfaced of schoolchildren in the UK using fake drinks or sweeteners to obtain fake positive results for the Code-19 test.

The researchers tested code-19 after using four sweeteners, but the results were negative.

However, after consuming 10 out of 14 drinks, the test of code-19 showed positive or less positive results.

Following the study, researchers instructed schools to be aware of the results of such tests.

It should be noted that in March this year in the UK, students had adopted a new tactic to avoid school attendance. Under this new tactic, they started using orange juice to get fake positive result of code-19 test. ۔

In this way, not only did his fake code-19 test come back positive, but he also managed to get a two-week leave from school.

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