Today we will talk to you about three important principles that parents and teachers can follow to make children intelligent.

Don’t be stingy in praising

This encouragement builds self-confidence in the personality of the children who get praise and admiration for their every action.

When children solve a math question and the answer is wrong, praise them in their own way. Don’t tell them it’s wrong, but say it’s a very interesting way to try to solve it again.

With this praise and encouragement, the child will happily work again and there will be no regrets.

Stop competing

Children who compete only with themselves are very gentle and free from irritation.

Parents should not put them in competition with anyone, but tell them that everyone in the world has a different mind and a different personality.

In this case, the child learns to be happy with the achievements of others instead of being ashamed of competing with others.

Give your child the best words and ideas

This is an important step that a child will never fail after crossing.

Whenever a child does something, show him the idea of ​​your enlightenment. Like if he makes a picture that has only blue in it, tell him along with the definition that you think you love blue, why not the sky is blue, the sea is blue and those who think well I like the color blue.

Give the child a clear depth of everything. Only your kind words will bring about a positive change in his personality and mind.

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