Meat is cooked in abundance in almost every home on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha.

Many people like to eat meat from the kidneys, heart, brain, spleen, liver, tongue and pancreas of animals, but some people are reluctant to eat such meat as it is harmful to health.

Health experts say that the meat of animals’ organs is healthier and healthier than other meats of their legs, muscles, back and stomach.

Animals contain magnesium, selenium, zinc and other nutrients, including vitamins and iron, in the kidneys, heart, brain, spleen, liver, tongue and pancreas, which are beneficial for human health and strong body.

According to Health General, after cooking only 100 grams of liver, it gives 27 grams of protein, 175 calories, 1386 percent vitamin B12, 522 percent vitamin A, 51 percent vitamin B6, 47 percent selenium, 35 percent zinc and 34 percent iron. Which is the best food for human health on a daily basis.

The liver, spleen, kidneys, heart and brain meat are also very beneficial for pregnant women, which is good not only for the mother but also for the baby’s diet.

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